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Ready for more power in your ride? Well, this demands an upgrade not just on your engine but as well as on other parts in your vehicle such as the clutch components. After all, what are you going to do with the additional power in your vehicle if you can't bring that power to your wheels? To get the most out of your desired power, get a side-by-side engine upgrade and clutch upgrade. And when it comes to the latter, the company to trust would be Zoom.

This company has been a leading player in the performance industry for almost half a century now. Its parent company, Perfection, is one of the oldest in the market, boasting of 90 years of experience in the manufacture of driveline parts. Zoom is the company's arm, one of its brands that specialize in the engineering of clutches, flywheels, and related components. Its clutches come in different series, each series boasting of a specific set of features designed to work well in specific applications.

The clutches offered by the brand boast of Kevlar material, a material that features a good coefficient of friction while also being resistant to wearing. These clutches come in complete kits with all the necessary parts included. Meanwhile, its Zoom flywheel is designed to help your ride reach a higher RPM compared to other clutches. These can also be used with other clutch materials, so you won't have much problems when it comes to compatibility. The brand also offers a Zoom camshaft gear made from high-quality aluminum, a material that's great in quality and boasting of lightweight property. And, it even offers even the smaller clutch parts like its Zoom clutch release bearing. The most appealing characteristics of these bearings is their self-aligning property.