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Acura Air Deflector

Cleaning the windows of your Acura is not necessarily an easy job, but there is a series of products that can make it easier by preventing the dirt from sticking to your windows in the first place. The Acura air deflector is one such device, and it is available in several different versions for your Acura from our large online catalog. When mounted on the hood of the vehicle, the Acura air deflector will help to protect the windshield of your vehicle from mud, dirt, insects, and other debris. For the rear of the vehicle, another version of the part helps to keep the rear window clean, by counteracting the upward flow of debris from the tires. Finally, there are also versions of the Acura air deflector to mount on the door windows, which will reduce the noise of air at high speeds and also protect the side windows. Every version of the Acura air deflector features rugged plastic construction that will last for many years, and an easy installation. All of the hardware required to mount the Acura air deflector is included in the package, as well as a detailed set of instructions. In most cases, no drilling or other modifications will be required to install the unit. Available in a dark black color, the Acura air deflector will look great on almost any vehicle and it also features a full warranty. Our online catalog features many replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories for most vehicles, in addition to the various versions of the Acura air deflector. When you are ready to order your Acura air deflector, either our toll-free phone system or our web site will make the process very easy, and our quick shipping will ensure that it arrives soon.