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Acura Ball Joint

As you turn the steering wheel of your Acura, many parts work together to help your vehicle to turn efficiently and safely. The final link between the main steering components and the wheel is the Acura ball joint. As the name implies, it uses a ball and socket-type joint for extreme flexibility. As the steering system tries to make the wheel turn, the Acura ball joint transfers the steering input to the wheels, while allowing the suspension to move as it needs to on uneven road surfaces. Because both the ball and socket are made out of metal, a great deal of lubrication is needed to prevent the surfaces from grinding on each other. In many vehicles, the lubrication system is self-contained and permanently sealed within the Acura ball joint. When the lubrication is lost in this type of system, the only recourse is to replace the entire joint. On some vehicles, however, the Acura ball joint will be equipped with a grease fitting. About twice a year, this fitting should be filled with the appropriate type of lubrication for your vehicle. When friction finally grinds down the Acura ball joint enough that the steering feels loose, you can find the correct replacement joint for your vehicle in our vast online catalog, at a significant savings compared to the dealership's price. It is manufactured to the same quality standards and is guaranteed by the manufacturer. Our Acura ball joint is a direct replacement, allowing for a straightforward installation, and it will last many years. With our choice of two easy ordering options, by a toll-free phone call or through our web site, and our efficient shipping system, your new Acura ball joint will arrive very soon.