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Acura Brake Caliper

The ability of your Acura to stop safely is governed by the condition of the brake system. One of the most important components in this system is the Acura brake caliper, which operates with hydraulic pressure from the master cylinder. When the brake pedal is pressed, the two halves of the Acura brake caliper begin to clamp down on the brake disc, and with them, the brake pads. The brake pads generate the friction necessary to stop the vehicle. The Acura brake caliper is generally a very reliable part, but there are a few things that may cause it to stop functioning correctly. If the seals within the hydraulic pistons are many years old, the pistons could leak hydraulic fluid, and there no longer be enough pressure for the Acura brake caliper to operate efficiently. Corrosion and road debris built up within it could stop the two halves of the unit from moving, even with the correct amount of pressure. When a replacement is needed for your Acura brake caliper, our online catalog will have the perfect version for most models, at a significant savings over the prices of other retailers. Our Acura brake caliper is made to meet or exceed the specifications of the stock part, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. It is a direct-fit replacement, ensuring an easy installation. When you decide to order a new Acura brake caliper, it is easily done, either from our secure web site, or with a toll-free phone call to one of our friendly associates, and our fast shipping ensures that it will arrive at your door soon.