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Acura Brake Disc

When the brake system in your Acura builds up heat, it can cause the brakes to fade, reducing stopping ability, and it will also cause the brake pads to wear much quicker. The Acura brake disc is the part of the system that is designed to cool the brakes down, and it acts as the surface on which the brake pads produce the friction to stop the vehicle, as well. Made out of metal, the Acura brake disc has the natural ability to conduct heat, and it is designed to help it to dissipate this heat efficiently. A set of slots cut into the outer edge of the unit run towards the center, providing a space in which air can flow, as well as increased surface area for heat transfer. Other common techniques used to increase the cooling ability of the Acura brake disc include cross-drilling and other special surface treatments. Over time, corrosion will begin to attack the metals of the unit, creating pits and gouges on the surface and clogging the cooling slots with flaked rust. The surface deformities on the Acura brake disc will eventually cause the brake pads to wear much quicker, and the filled slots may cause less than efficient heat transfer to occur. Fortunately, our online catalog will have a brand new Acura brake disc for almost any Acura at a very low price, when it can no longer be machined and must be replaced. Ordering the Acura brake disc is very easy, thanks to our choices of an encrypted online ordering system or our convenient toll-free phone ordering system.

Acura Brake Disc Models