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Acura Bumper

An elegant style is a must have in every luxury vehicle brand, and I'm sure you wouldn't miss it in an Acura, Honda's brand for their high-end and luxury vehicles. Everything in the body of an Acura was designed to radiate good looks, and that doesn't spare even the smallest and least visible parts. Take the Acura bumper as an example. What better way there is to highlight the elegance of an Acura car than to finish it with elegant Acura bumpers on both ends?

An Acura vehicle is often equipped with two bumpers: the front bumper attached below the grille of the car, and the rear bumper mounted on the tail end of the vehicle. As expected, Acura bumpers were designed with the over-all appearance of the car in mind. Acura front and rear bumpers often come in body color and in a style that suits the entire vehicle, creating a uniform and elegant look for the car.

But Acura bumpers are not plain styling equipments. Acura bumpers were made for a purpose, and such purpose is nothing really different from the general purpose of bumpers. Bumpers were specifically designed to serve as a protective component. Bumpers, both the front and the rear, are designed to absorb as much shock as it can during minor bumps and collisions, protecting the vehicle and its passengers from further damages that may be caused by the collision.

Older vehicles are usually equipped with bumpers made from heavy metal bars, obviously for maximum strength. Newer vehicles are now equipped with bumpers made from less rigid materials like plastic, rubber, or painted light metal, making them susceptible to the damages that may be brought even by the slightest contact. Most of these bumpers, however, have pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders that make them resilient while still absorbing as much impact during collisions.

  • Closer Look at Acura Bumper

    Small accidents are quite common on the roads today, and if your Acura has been damaged, our online catalog has many parts available that can help you get it looking and working correctly again. The most common victim in a minor accident is the plastic cover that wraps the internal workings of the Acura bumper. It does not take large amount of force to leave this part broken and laying on the ground. Our version of the Acura bumper is an exact match to the design of the original, and you can easily have it painted to match your vehicle. It is a much less expensive alternative that a replacement from a dealership, and, unlike what you would find at a junkyard, it is in perfect condition. If the damage was much more extensive, and more than just the cover is required, we carry other parts for the Acura bumper, as well, for many models. Depending on the vehicle, we will carry the bumper absorber, the reinforcement, the lower valance to complete the trim, and the standard brackets to mount the parts. All of our Acura bumper parts are made to the same quality and safety specifications as the original parts, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. In addition to the Acura bumper parts, we have a full line of other replacement parts that can help you to complete the repair, as well as many accessories and performance parts that can help you to customize your vehicle. We offer a toll-free phone ordering system, in addition to our secure online ordering system, and after your order is placed, it will arrive soon, thanks to our quick shipping.