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Acura Car Cover

Whenever you must store your Acura, the finish is subject to a number of hazards, if the vehicle is left exposed. Fortunately, adequate protection can easily be obtained, in the form of the Acura car cover from our online catalog. By simply unfolding the Acura car cover, placing it over your vehicle, and securing the ends underneath the body, your vehicle can be fully protected in a matter of minutes. There is a version of the Acura car cover for any storage environment, ranging from the garage to the most extreme climate regions in the nation. The indoor version protects against dust, spilled liquids, pets, and various other substances commonly found in the garage. In addition, if an object falls from an overhead shelf in your garage, it will be less likely to scratch the finish of your vehicle. For outdoor storage, the Acura car cover comes in a range of thicknesses, depending on the extremity of the weather and the physical location in which the vehicle will be stored. It will protect against animal droppings, precipitation, dust, salt, and even small branches that may fall from a nearby tree. Furthermore, with the Acura car cover installed, the ultra-violet rays of the sun will no longer be able to fade the color of the interior or exterior surfaces, and it will protect the dash and paint from cracking. All versions of the Acura car cover feature a high-quality polypropylene material, which is very durable and allows any trapped moisture to escape easily. All seams are designed to be very strong, and the fasteners will keep the cover secure, even on windy days. You can order your new Acura car cover either by calling our toll-free phone number, or through our easy online ordering system.