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Acura Coil Springs

The main ingredient in the suspension system of your Acura is its set of springs, which allow for a comfortable ride, good vehicle control, and the proper pressure applied to the tires so they are always on the ground. In the past, the leaf spring was the most common type in use, but many models today have Acura coil springs, which control the suspension much better. They look like common springs, but in enormous proportions. The Acura coil springs essentially sit between the tires of the vehicle and the frame. As the vehicle hits an uneven portion of the road, they dampen the feel of the bump to the passengers, and ensure the tires are on the ground for control and power. Over time, the Acura coil springs may loose their flexibility, which will allow the vehicle to sag and to be much less stable on the road. Fortunately, when they need to be replaced, our online catalog will have the perfect set of Acura coil springs for most models, usually at a much lower price than the dealership. Our Acura coil springs are made to the exact specifications of the original, and will offer similar, if not better, performance. For some models, we may carry upgraded Acura coil springs, such as stiffer versions for high-performance applications or varying length versions for custom ride heights. All versions are made to the highest industry standards and have a full warranty from the manufacturer. Our online catalog has a full selection of other parts and accessories for your Acura, as well, all at great prices. To order your new Acura coil springs, you have the choice of using our secure online system, or of ordering by phone, toll-free.