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Acura Cold Air Intake

For your Acura's engine to operate it needs fuel, a spark to ignite it, and, like every fire, a good supply of air to allow the fuel to burn. Located within the engine compartment is the Acura cold air intake, which is designed to provide the engine with the proper amount of air it needs to run. If the air were allowed to enter as it is, it could damage the delicate internal components of the engine, because the outside air carries an assortment of small particles of dirt and other substances. The other job of the Acura cold air intake happens to be to filter the air as it enters, with its internal filter. Replacing the filter in the Acura cold air intake every few months can reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes, as well as restore it to its original horsepower output. Our online catalog has most of the available Acura filters in stock, for a great price. For those seeking to upgrade the performance of the engine, a custom Acura cold air intake is an inexpensive way to do it. By allowing more air to enter the engine, the computer will adjust the fuel ratio to compensate, and thus more power is generated. With most versions of the Acura cold air intake, a reusable air filter is included, which can be removed and washed when needed. This will save a large amount of money over the life of the vehicle. When you are ready to order your Acura cold air intake or filters, you may choose between our secure online ordering system and our toll-free phone system, which is staffed by friendly employees.