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Acura CV Boot

The key component that delivers the power from you Acura's transmission to its wheels is the drive shaft, which has to be flexible, and it owes its flexibility to the constant velocity joint. When you look at this joint, all you will see is the Acura CV boot, which covers the entire assembly. The constant velocity joint uses a system of intricate gears to make the driveshaft flexible. The Acura CV boot does two very important jobs in the constant velocity joint assembly. First, it keeps dirt and other substances out of the delicate gears, because the dirt could grind the fragile teeth of the gears down, rendering the joint inoperable. Just as importantly, the Acura CV boot acts as a container for the lubrication that the constant velocity joint requires. Unlike the universal joint, the constant velocity joint does not have a structure capable of holding the lubrication internally, and without lubrication the joint would fail much sooner. Over time, the rubber that the Acura CV boot is made from will begin to crack, allowing the lubrication to be lost, and allowing dirt to enter the joint. Often, however, the failure of the Acura CV boot is due to a physical impact that rips the rubber housing. When you need to replace the unit, our online catalog will have the perfect replacement for most models, no matter which driveshaft the constant velocity joint is located on. It is made of superior materials to the specifications of the original cover, and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. Our Acura CV boot is easily ordered from our convenient web site or via our toll-free phone system.