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Acura Cylinder Head Gasket

Many things can cause the engine of your Acura to overheat, and tracking down the exact cause can be difficult. After the radiator, the hoses, the cooling fan, the water pump, and the thermostat have been ruled out, one of the few things left is the Acura head gasket. This item is located between the engine block and the cylinder heads, and has two main functions. The first job of the Acura head gasket is to separate the various fluids from each other within the engine. If you have had a major failure of the gasket, the oil and the coolant may take on a milky-white look with a thick consistency. When the fluids exchange through the leaking Acura head gasket, the engine is no longer cooled properly and it is no longer protected from friction properly. The second job of the Acura head gasket is to create the seal between adjacent cylinders in the engine. If there is a minor failure of the head gasket between two cylinders, compression may be lost in those cylinders. This will lead to a poorly running engine, which has dramatically decreased fuel mileage and performance. When it is necessary to replace the Acura head gasket, you will find the proper version for your engine in our vast online catalog at a low price. Installing the Acura head gasket is not a very easy job, and will require hours of labor-intensive work. If you are up to the challenge, you may order the Acura head gasket by phone, toll-free, or through our easy online ordering process, and it will arrive at your door soon with our quick shipping.