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Acura Distributor Cap

Anytime the engine of your Acura is running, it requires the spark plugs to be fired in the correct sequence, in order for the engine to run reliably and efficiently. The timing of the spark plugs is controlled by the Acura distributor cap and the rotor within it. A high voltage wire is connected to the rotor, and on the Acura distributor cap there is a series of contacts on the inside of the unit. Each contact leads to a spark plug in the engine. As a cam turns the rotor, the rotor approaches each spark plug contact sequentially, sending power to that plug. Because of the high voltage running through the Acura distributor cap, the contacts will eventually begin to melt. This will dramatically decrease the performance of the engine. Usually a failing Acura distributor cap is caught during the vehicle's annual tune-up, in which both the cap and rotor are replaced. When it is time to perform your tune up, you will find the correct Acura distributor cap for your vehicle in our vast online catalog, at a price that is much lower than the equivalent replacement from the dealership. Our version is made to the exact specifications of the original unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. Our Acura distributor cap is made to be a direct replacement for the original unit, so it will install easily. If the vehicle is still running poorly after the installation, the rotor may have to be changed or the timing may have to be adjusted. Ordering the new Acura distributor cap is as easy as clicking through our online ordering system, or placing a toll-free call to our friendly staff.