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Acura Driveshaft

As the suspension moves, while you go over rough roads in your Acura, the car does not slow down, because a constant level of power is still being delivered to the wheels. The device that makes this possible is the Acura driveshaft. In order to compensate for the movement of the suspension, this part must remain flexible. The Acura driveshaft uses one of two different types of joints to fulfill this requirement. The most common joint, especially on rear-wheel drive vehicles, is the universal joint. On some new cars with rear-wheel drive, and almost all cars with driven front wheels, the constant velocity joint is used in the place of the universal joint. In respect to the Acura drive shaft, both joints provide the same function, allowing the driveshaft to flex, while remaining at the correct angles in respect to the transmission and the axle or wheel. The constant velocity joint tends to be more flexible, thus its widespread use in front axles, while the universal joint is somewhat stronger and more durable. Both joints are required to be in pairs on the Acura drive shaft, to reduce vibration and wear from friction. When these joints do eventually succumb to the forces of friction, it will be necessary to replace the entire Acura drive shaft, and you will find the correct model for your vehicle in our large online catalog. It is made to be an exact match for the original unit, at a significant savings over the cost of a replacement from the dealership. It has a full warranty from the manufacturer that guarantees its quality. When you are ready to order your Acura drive shaft, you may choose from our secure online ordering system, or our toll-free phone system.