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Acura Exhaust Manifold

One look at an automobile engine and a person is bound to think about how ugly the contraption is. He may see it as a hunk of metal with strange configurations all over. If he knows, however, each and every mechanism that goes into it to be able to make a vehicle run, he would have an even better appreciation of the device.
Engines cannot be likened to blank walls at all. They are comprised of different parts that contribute to how they would make a vehicle work. Even the smallest peripherals attached to them have very important roles to fulfill. The whole operation of the vehicle depends on the engine, and the engine depends on all its parts to be able to perform.
The exhaust manifold is that part of the engine which collects engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and delivers it to the exhaust pipe. It is also called the header and is usually made of cast iron. The existence of exhaust manifolds on automobile engines is justified by the fact that they are the ones which channel gases supplied by the intake manifold to the exhaust pipe or to the catalytic converter. Consequently, unwanted substances like engine exhaust are led away from the automobile and, with the help of the catalytic converter, are made to vanish into thin air.
The role exhaust manifolds play is essential to all vehicles, the reason why those with the Acura name are not exempted from utilizing them. The only difference is that Acura vehicles use Acura exhaust manifolds, devices which prove to be ten times better than the average exhaust manifold other automobiles use. This is proven by the fact that Acura exhaust manifolds are capable of fighting rust, the deadly enemy that causes devices made of metal to perish prematurely. The exhaust manifolds used by Acura vehicles promise to remain as fine as the first day they were bought so as to serve Acura vehicles well.