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Acura Exhaust System

As the fuel is burned within the engine of your Acura, the substances it leaves behind are expelled through the exhaust system. The Acura exhaust system is more than just a simple set of pipes, however. It has a serious impact on the performance of the engine, and it has two other very important jobs, as well. The inefficient nature of the internal combustion engine allows some of the fuel to escape from the combustion chamber with the exhaust, and it is up to the Acura exhaust system to remove the fuel from the gas before it is released into the air. This unburned fuel has a detrimental effect on the environment, and by law, every vehicle must have a system to reduce these emissions. Within the catalytic converter of the Acura exhaust system, a chemical reaction occurs that burns most of the fuel remnants, leaving exhaust that is much safer for the environment. Before the exhaust leaves the system, however, something has to be done about the large amount of noise produced by the engine. At the end of the Acura exhaust system is the muffler, which reflects the sound waves of the exhaust multiple times within its body, until the majority of the engine noise is canceled out. In performance vehicles, the Acura exhaust system is often upgraded for better flow, and when the engine does not have to work to push the exhaust out, it can make more power for the tires to take advantage of. We have a wide selection of many versions of the Acura exhaust system, as well as the various parts, and your choice of exhaust products can be easily ordered through our secure web site or with a quick toll-free phone call to our friendly associates.