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Acura Fan Blade

The process of internal combustion that happens within the engine of your Acura produces a large amount of heat, and if that heat is not efficiently removed from the engine, serious damage can happen to the seals and even the metal surfaces of the engine. Fortunately, a system is in place to remove the heat from the engine, and one of the main components is the Acura fan blade. While the engine is running, the water pump circulates coolant to the inside of the engine, where it absorbs heat, and then the coolant enters the radiator, to be cooled with the flow of air over the radiator. A large portion of this airflow is generated by the Acura fan blade, which is driven by the fan motor. Because metal is a natural conductor of heat, the heat migrates from the coolant to the radiator, where air removes the heat from the coolant through the process of convection. The Acura fan blade is designed to move the air in the most efficient way possible, and it is also designed to be as light as possible. A heavier vehicle requires much more power from the engine to equal the performance of a lighter vehicle. Over time, corrosion may cause a metal Acura fan blade to fall apart, and a physical impact to a fan of any material can result in the need for a replacement. Our online catalog will have the appropriate replacement for most Acuras, at a far lower price than the equivalent replacement from the dealership. Our Acura fan blade is easy to order from our secure web site, or with a quick toll-free phone call to one of our friendly employees.