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Acura Fuel Pump

The fuel injection system in the modern Acura requires a constant, high-pressure supply of fuel in order to achieve the maximum power and efficiency from the internal combustion process. To fulfill this need the Acura fuel pump has been designed to provide the engine with all of the fuel it requires. This part is located directly in the fuel tank, and is the first step in the fuel delivery process. Using a basic electric motor, the Acura fuel pump takes the fuel from the tank, pressurizes it, and sends it to the engine through the fuel lines. After many years, the brushes within the motor that provide the power to operate will begin to wear. Eventually, the Acura fuel pump will cease to function. Fortunately, our online catalog will have the perfect part to replace it, for most vehicles, at a much lower price that the similar part from the dealership. Before installing the Acura fuel pump, it will be necessary to take some basic safety precautions. The battery must be disconnected, the fuel should be removed from the tank, and the vehicle should be supported on jack stands, in an outdoor area, if possible. The fuel tank can then be unfastened and lowered until the fuel and electrical connections to the Acura fuel pump can be reached. Once the hoses and wires are disconnected, the tank can be removed, and the old part can be replaced with the new Acura fuel pump. The vehicle then can be reassembled. When you are ready to order your new Acura fuel pump, the process can be completed by phone, toll-free, or with our secure online ordering system.