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Acura Hood

Every vehicle needs a hood for the protection of other vehicle's part located at the front area of it. The hood is also considered as another door of a vehicle. The hood refers to the thing mounted on your car's front area which acts as your entry point to gain access to your vehicle's engine. It is usually the first thing you'll get noticed to a car.

A hood is composed of an inner panel and an outer panel. The inner panels have braces crisscrossing in the underbelly making the hood strong and tough. The outer panel on the other hand is just a metal covering used in protecting the engine from the road debris like snow, rain, and a whole lot more. The bottom of the hood is usually covered with a sound-absorbing material so that the roar from the engine would be minimal to the outside.

A hood has many variations. On sedans and coupes, a flat sheet of metal is contoured to the shape of the vehicle while on some performance vehicles such as SUVs, trucks or sports cars, the hoods are infused with special accessories for added style. On some high-performance cars, the hoods have openings to allow the engine to breathe in and breathe out effortless.

Even if your Acura hoods are tough and durable, still it is subjected from wear and tear because the hoods are usually the ones who suffer from dents and scratches. But with the help of an Acura hood protector, you are assured that your Acura hoods will have its lifelong service. Hood protectors help in protecting your hood against the normal scratches and chips. There are also nose bras which acts as the paint protector, often made from vinyl fabric with a soft, padded black side. Some bras cover only the painted area, but others cover the entire front area of the vehicle.