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Acura Knock Sensor

Your Acura knock sensor is an important part of protecting your combustion system and keeping your fuel usage at its most efficient. What the Acura knock sensor does is to detect the vibration caused by engine knocking and pinging. Engine knock and ping is often caused by an improperly timed burn and when the fuel is igniting too early, it is often doing so in the wrong place. Without the Acura knock sensor, which signals the main computer of the vehicle to make the necessary changes to the timing of the burn as well as to adjust the air-to-fuel ratio, if necessary, serious and expensive damage can be done to combustion system parts, such as the pistons. Aside from risking damage that will consume much more of your time and money than will replacing a faulty Acura knock sensor, a malfunctioning Acura knock sensor can contribute to poor fuel economy and a general decrease in performance, as proper fuel burn is essential to achieving high standards of performance. If you are in need of a new Acura knock sensor, you're sure to find just what you require for your year and model in our online catalog, which features a broad selection of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Acura. This is a sensitive part, and you can rest assured that the Acura knock sensor replacement you receive from us will be of the same great quality as the one originally installed on your vehicle in the factory, and will serve you well for just as long, if not longer. Online ordering is always convenient and safe, as our site is well secured, but if you would rather order your Acura knock sensor by telephone, we have a toll-free telephone number available for you.

Acura Knock Sensor Models