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Acura Legend A/C Condenser

The Acura Legend was one of the first two vehicle models that hit the sales chart in 1986. This vehicle make was sold by Honda's Acura luxury brand line and once bore the name of Honda Legend as it conquered the vehicle market outside of North America. The Acura Legend came in two worthy generationsthe first generation was produced from 1986 up to 1990, and the second generation appeared from 1991 and finally marked its end by 1995.
Acura Legends are not just your ordinary luxury cars. They are functional and performance-wise in all angles. Their parts will never meet up with the standards of being luxurious if they are not worth it. Such as is the effectiveness of the Acura Legend A/C condensers.
The A/C condenser is that part of the car's air conditioning system that is held responsible for radiating the heat that has been absorbed during its entire operation period. The hot gas that comes into the A/C condenser is known as the refrigerant. The refrigerant absorbs much of the heat produced inside the vehicle's cabin. The engine fan and the rest of the other auxiliary fans nestled under the hood aids in the cooling off of the hot gas which in turn converts it into a cool, high pressure liquid. After which, the cooled and liquefied gas is again distributed to the rest of the parts of the air conditioning system.
Your Acura Legend A/C condenser is normally placed in front of the radiator. However, if innovation and some modifications have been employed into your Acura Legend vehicle, then most probably your Acura Legend A/C condenser has been moved into another location for the purpose of aero dynamism. Much more, the A/C condenser is easily identified for it looks like a small radiator. Now you know how the A/C condenser functions so you most probably know how to take care of it too.

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