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Acura Legend Hood

Acura Legend Hood Troubleshooting Basics

What use and style is there in a luxury car if the hood is stuck open-or cannot be opened at all? Well, considering the obvious dilemma of a blocked view, the answer is definitely "none." But aside from the apparent trouble of having a completely shunned view of the road, you also have to deal with long-term maintenance problems. For example, how can you perform check-ups on your Acura Legend if you cannot even go under the hood to check? Or how can your engine compartments continue to function well if they are deprived of the protection your Acura Legend hood should have been giving them? In short, it is a nasty business altogether. Keep in mind some of these troubleshooting and diagnostic tips, so you wouldn't have to be stressed out with Acura Legend hood problems.

Locked-up hood

One of the common troubles with an Acura Legend hood is locking up-try as you may, the big piece of metal just won't open. In this case, check first if you have a damaged safety latch. This is likely the cause of a locked up hood, especially if your Legend has just met an accident. The impact may have resulted in bending or denting of the safety latch, giving you particular difficulty in opening your Acura Legend hood. If you say nay on the previous situation, access the left side of the dead pedal for a quick fix. There you will see a hood release handle that you should pull before pushing the safety latch at the center of your car's grill. This should allow you to prop open your hood.

Rusting hood

Another common Acura Legend hood troublemaker is rusting. Due to extensive exposure to elements, your hood is likely to corrode and deteriorate, which can then cause bigger problems for your engine components. Minor rusting-that is, only small portions of the Acura Legend hood are affected-can still be resolved by recoating your hood with paint and sealing it with anti-rust solutions. But extensive rusting is a different case. Again, you wouldn't want to expose your engine bay to harmful elements, would you? So if rust already covers majority of your Acura Legend hood, you had better consult an automotive expert immediately.

Broken hood components

Jamming, which is a common Acura Legend hood predicament, might be due to broken components. For instance, the lever can be damaged, and the cable may be broken or loose. A broken lever and/or cable already requires a visit to an auto parts store or a car expert for a more efficient solution, but a loose cable is something you can still fix on your own. Just make sure a pair of pliers is at hand. Just pull on the loose cable until tension is regained at your Acura Legend hood.

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  • How to Keep Your Acura Legend Hood Covered

    For all the protection your Acura Legend hood has accorded your engine bay, you have to thank your hood in some ways. Come to think of it, it has weathered all extreme conditions for your engine compartment. Add to that the added look and character it provides your ride. All these benefits boil down to a single need: maintenance. You have to keep your Acura Legend hood safely and pleasingly on, so you can keep having those safe, worry-free, and aesthetically-pleasing rides. To help you achieve exactly that, below are simple maintenance tips you can do for your Acura Legend hood:

    Apply some lubrication.

    One of the main causes of Acura Legend hood problems, particularly jamming, is wear on the hood's latch assembly. Oiling this once in a while should save you from the troubles of a stuck Acura Legend hood-aside, of course, from mainly preventing rusting and aging of the assembly. For this, a can of carburetor cleaner should do the job.

    Go for a repaint.

    Apart from the obvious aesthetic benefit of repainting your Acura Legend hood, applying an extra coating of paint can also add a layer of protection. Repainting should help keep your metal Acura Legend hood from the elements of corrosion. It can also help hide or treat the scratches and dents that your hood may have already acquired. Keep in mind, though, that in repainting your Acura Legend hood, you should use only compatible automotive paint. Asking for the aid of an automotive expert is also recommended for better results.

    Check the hood assembly.

    It pays to do regular check-ups, not just in your Acura Legend hood but in other car parts as well. Periodically inspecting the components of your hood assembly can help you address damages before they even worsen. Check the latch, the lever, the hinges, and the cables of your Acura Legend hood once in a while. Wear in the latches will likely cause your hood to jam. A broken lever and/or a loose cable can also cause the same dilemma. Loose-or sometimes missing-hinges can cause an abrupt propping open of your Acura Legend hood, which can even lead you to perilous accidents. All these stress the need and benefits of conducting regular inspections. This maintenance step is especially recommended after fender benders as the collision could bend some hood components and damage the hood assembly as a whole.