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Acura Manual

When you bring your Acura into the local shop to do repairs, the labor charges may run as high as 70 dollars an hour. For simple repairs, you can save a large amount of money by doing them yourself, with guidance from the specific Acura repair manual for your vehicle. Our online catalog has the correct version for most vehicles, and often, it is available from several publishers. One common repair is replacing the alternator. This can be quite easy on many vehicles, and the Acura repair manual will start by showing you where in the engine compartment the part is. If you must remove other components to gain access to the alternator, the book will explain the necessary steps. Then the Acura repair manual will guide your through the testing process for the alternator, and the removal and installation process. None of the small details are left out, such as how tight the belt should be after it is installed. If you are willing to attempt repairs that are more difficult, the Acura repair manual will walk you through everything from replacing a clutch to rebuilding the engine. The book also has a wealth of reference information, such as the proper spark plug gaps, a troubleshooting guide, and the wiring diagrams for the electrical circuits in your vehicle. Often, the small price of the Acura repair manual can be paid for with the money you save in the first few repairs. When you are ready to order the Acura repair manual, you have the options of ordering by phone, toll-free, or through our secure and convenient web site, and with our efficient shipping, your order will arrive soon.