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Acura MDX Fender

The Acura MDX is part of a vehicle category of car-based SUVs that are more popularly referred to as crossover SUVs or XUVs. On the positive side, this means that your Acura MDX is not one of those fuel thirsty and bumpy conventional SUVs. On the negative side, however, you simply can't use your Acura MDX for serious all-day off-roading. But should you insist on using the SUV for such activities, better brace yourself for all the damages that you may discover after all the fun. The list of damaged parts would definitely be long, but it is the Acura MDX fenders that would surely receive much of the damage.

The fenders are the side body panel parts that run from the front corner of the hood to the front of the doors. They are also sometimes called the front quarter panels, in reference to the quarter panels that are mounted behind the rear doors. Stock fenders are usually made from sheet metal, often of the same type, color and finish as the other body panel parts of the vehicle.

Since the fenders are located in the front-side area of the vehicle, they are normally prone to a lot of on-road and off-road damages. Usually made from thin sheet metal, these parts are also inclined to bend even in minor accidents, the reason why minor accidents are also often called "fender benders". The off-road track would normally have a lot of these "fender benders" to offer. So if you want to drive your Acura MDX on the off-road track, then better prepare yourself to accept these damages. If not, then you better not use your SUV for off-roading.

A damaged Acura MDX fender, however, need not stay on your SUV forever. If you think your vehicle's fender has already received a lot of damages and is already ugly to look at, then better replace it with a replacement Acura MDX fender. If you want a simple replacement for your SUV's stock fenders, then a custom-fitted paint-ready replacement fender should easily satisfy your needs. But should you opt for a more stylish replacement, you can choose from the variety of custom Acura MDX fenders available in the market. Most of these fenders are made from fiberglass and some feature vents, flares or both.

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