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Acura Mirror

Acura is Honda's pride. As a luxury vehicle division of Honda, it has produced remarkable models that boast of excellent exterior and interior features, great performance and superior safety parts. For the latter, Acura employs state-of-the-art facilities and highly advanced technologies in manufacturing their cars to ensure the passengers' safety in any driving condition. From the seat belts, airbags and restraint system to the traction control, Anti-lock Braking System and Acura's ACE (advanced Compatibility Engineering) body structure, Acura delivers its best protection to its users.

Other safety features in Acura vehicles are their mirrors. They are essential to the vehicle's safety as they eliminate blind spots (areas not visible from the driver's seat). Without the mirrors, you won't be able to see approaching vehicles or objects behind your car; thus, making it a necessity to take precaution to avoid collisions.

Different kinds of mirrors are installed in your Acura and they serve for different purposes as well. Among the most basic vehicle mirrors are the Acura side view mirrors and rear view mirrors. Also common are automatic day/night rearview mirror, driver and front passenger illuminated vanity mirrors and auto dimming mirror. Acura also features LED mirror-integrated directional signals that combines functions of an outside mirror and turn signals. This mirror allows you to see forthcoming vehicles at the same time alerts other drivers of the direction of your turn.

If you want to modify your Acura, give it a new look at the same time increase its safety features, you can add some more mirrors in your car. A great variety of mirrors are available today in the market, they are of various designs that could match your Acura's luxurious and stylish looks and your own preference as well. Available aftermarket and replacement mirrors for your Acura includes wide-angle mirror that provide a wider view for the driver. This is usually clipped into the rearview mirror. For additional convenience and utility, you can choose to replace your original Acura rearview mirror with dimming mirrors (those that shift to night mode when it sees bright light) with built-in compass and temperature readout.

Acura Mirror Models

  • Closer Look at Acura Mirror

    When it comes time to replace an Acura mirror, and it will eventually, you'll find that we offer a fine selection of replacements. We carry the full range of the standard, stock type replacements, ranging from the basic types to those that have the features most popular today, such as heated glass and imbedded turn signals. The sturdy Acura mirror housing is sure to last for years, with the exception, of course, of a mishap with the force necessary to cause physical damage to the Acura mirror. Typically available in black, most versions of the replacement Acura mirror can be painted to match the exterior color of the vehicle, if desired. Installation of an Acura mirror typically is a simple process that should give the average person no trouble at all. With the most basic of hand tools and less than an hour of your time, you can have even an Acura mirror set featuring the latest options installed on your vehicle, as the wiring harness for such options is designed to be as simple and error proof as possible and it will be a simple matter of plugging it in. There are also a variety of Acura mirror replacements that are available for special purposes, such as towing, and custom style replacements with attractive chrome plated housings. We make all of our Acura mirror options available at reasonable prices, meaning that there's no need to put off replacing this important element of your vehicle's safety equipment. You can order your Acura mirror easily from our online catalog.