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Acura Motor And Transmission Mount

While the engine of your Acura is running, it produces a great amount of vibration, which must be isolated from the rest of the vehicle to prevent damage. The Acura engine mount is responsible for dampening these effects, and it allows the engine a certain degree of movement to prevent stress on other components. The large amount of power produced by the engine makes it constantly try to move away from the frame. Without the Acura engine mount absorbing this movement, the engine could easily break away from the frame. For this reason, the Acura engine mount is more than just a simple bracket, it incorporates special materials that absorb the vibration of the engine and counteract the engine's movements. When the part fails, you may notice strange noises while accelerating or braking. The vehicle may also seem to vibrate or jump as certain gears are engaged. The Acura engine mount may be inspected on many vehicles by using a large pry bar between the frame and the engine, near the mount. If the engine can be lifted freely at that point, then the Acura engine mount will need to be replaced. Our online catalog will have the Acura engine mount for that location in our online catalog, at a much lower price than the dealership would charge. Installing the unit will require unbolting the engine at that location, supporting the engine with a jack, and then replacing the old unit with the new unit. You can easily order your new Acura engine mount from either our secure online ordering system, or from our toll-free phone system, and with our fast shipping, it will arrive soon.