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Acura Oxygen Sensor

Your Acura oxygen sensor is a sensitive and important part of your emissions control system, as well as a benefit to your combustion system, as it helps to regulate the air-to-fuel ratio that is so very important to your vehicle performance and fuel economy. This multi-tasking automotive part plays an important role in your overall vehicle function, and when it is malfunctioning or has completely failed, its replacement should not be put off. Located in the exhaust system, as that is where it needs to be to measure the amount of oxygen left in the exhaust, which is how it determines the quality of the burn, the Acura oxygen sensor informs the primary computer of your vehicle if the oxygen levels are off. Then, the computer makes the appropriate adjustments to the air-to-fuel ratio in an effort to make the fuel burn more efficient. If the computer does not receive input from the Acura oxygen sensor, due to its malfunction or complete failure, typically it will run the engine on a fuel heavy air-to-fuel ratio, which produces more harmful emissions than necessary to run the engine well, which runs the risk of causing damage to other sensitive parts, such as the catalytic converter, and can result in an excessive use of fuel that will cost you extra at the pump, something few of us take lightly with fuel prices today, increasing with what seems to be no end in sight. The Acura oxygen sensor is fairly easy to install and certainly easy to order, whether you choose to place your order via our secure ordering site or by using our toll-free telephone number.