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Acura Radiator

Every part or system in you Acura car serves a special purpose; hence, the absence of one part can adversely affect the vehicle's driving performance. The cooling system is one of those systems in your vehicle that is critical to the over-all performance of your auto. It is the one that cools the engine in order for it to work more efficiently. The auto radiator is the one that particularly performs this task.

Luxury cars from Acura are not only known for their smart looks and plush interior but for their high level of performance as well. Acura engines are designed to give Acura drivers maximum driving satisfaction and thus, they work harder than most parts in the vehicle. In order for the engine to work always at its peak, it needs to operate at a right or normal temperature. During the combustion process the engine gives off much greater amount of heat, about 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit. A cooling system is needed to remove excess heat from the engine, thereby, preventing it from overheating.

The Acura auto radiator is the device in the cooling system that dispels the heat absorbed from the engine. It is composed of tubes that hold water and passages for air. It is connected to a receiving tank and a dispensing tank on both ends. How does it work? The water in the Acura auto radiator is mixed with the coolant; this mixture absorbs heat as it circulates around the engine. From the engine, this mixture goes to the receiving tank and at the top of the auto radiator tubes where it exchanges heat with the air that passes around the tubes.

From the auto radiator the coolant returns to the engine to absorb heat from its parts. It goes back to the auto radiator for cooling and so the process continues. As long as the engine is running, the auto radiator and the rest of the cooling system works to take away at least one-third of the heat produced by the engine during combustion.

Acura Radiator Models

  • Closer Look at Acura Radiator

    As the engine of your Acura works to propel the vehicle, it produces a great amount of heat, and that heat could possibly cause engine damage, if it is not properly removed from the system. One of the most important components in the cooling system of your vehicle is the Acura radiator. Driven by the water pump, the coolant flows into the engine, where it absorbs heat. The coolant is then transported into the Acura radiator, where the power of moving air is used to dissipate the heat from the coolant. The Acura radiator is made out of metal, which conducts heat well. The outer area of the unit is used as a reservoir for coolant, and the center is the area used to remove the heat from the coolant. Using a series of thin metal pipes the Acura radiator gains enough surface area to cool efficiently. Small metal fins covering the outside of the pipes add further to the surface area. After many years, corrosion will begin to decay the metal of the Acura radiator, especially in the thinnest and most sensitive areas. Internally, the flaking rust can cause clogs in the unit, reducing its efficiency. Corrosion on the outside surfaces of the Acura radiator may eventually lead to coolant leaks. When you need a new Acura radiator, you will find the correct replacement for most models in our convenient online catalog, often for much less than what the dealership would charge for a similar part. It is very easy to order the Acura radiator, either by phone, toll-free, or through our secure online ordering system, and with our quick shipping, it will arrive soon.