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Acura Shock Absorber And Strut Assembly

If the wheels of your Acura were not on the road all the time, the vehicle would be very hard to control. Keeping the wheels in contact with the pavement is the job of the suspension system, and the Acura shocks play an important role in that system. When the vehicle hits a bump, the suspension system applies pressure in the opposite direction, and the springs play the biggest role in this action. The springs, however, tend to keep moving, but the job of the Acura shocks is to slow the springs down. They do this by compressing hydraulic oil, and transforming the energy of the moving suspension into heat energy. When the oil in the Acura shocks is compressed, the molecules are forced close together, and the friction between them exits as heat. When the two chambers of oil go through the alternating compression process, and finally equalize in pressure, the motion of the suspension is stopped. There are several reasons to replace the Acura shocks in your vehicle. If yours have failed, you can find stock-style replacements in our online catalog, for a great price. If you have a custom vehicle, and would like to upgrade your Acura shocks, we will also carry custom versions for many vehicles. For a stiffer ride, Acura shocks with more resistance to motion can provide better cornering ability and better control at high speeds. For vehicles with custom ride heights, we have longer and shorter versions as well. They are all made to high quality standards and come with a full warranty. Any of our Acura shocks can be ordered with a quick, toll-free phone call, or through our secure online ordering system.