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Acura Spark Plug Wire

The key to producing a good amount of power from your Acura's engine is a combination of the right amount of fuel, enough air, a good spark, and a free-flowing exhaust. In order for the spark plugs to produce good sparks, they must have a good amount of voltage running to them, which is the job of the Acura spark plug wires. They connected to the distributor, which times the sparks, and to the plugs, which deliver the sparks. Over a period of time, the excessive heat that the Acura spark plug wires must endure, and the chemicals within the engine compartment, will start to degrade their ability to transfer the electricity. They operate at up to 100,000 volts, so even the smallest amount of resistance could hurt their performance. Fortunately, they are usually replaced in the annual tune-up, if all of the normal guidelines are followed. When it becomes time for your tune-up, you will find the perfect set of Acura spark plug wires in our online catalog to replace your aged wires. They are available at a great price, and they meet or exceed all of the electrical requirements of the original set. Our Acura spark plug wires have a full warranty from the manufacturer. When installing the Acura spark plug wires, the process should be completed one wire at a time, to ensure that the engine remains in the correct firing order. We also offer versions of the Acura spark plug wires that are guaranteed to have less resistance than the standard wires, which will increase the performance of your vehicle. Our Acura spark plug wires can be ordered from our secure web site, or through a toll-free phone call to one our friendly associates.