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Acura Steering Rack

The steering system of you Acura is important when it comes to controlling your vehicle, and for safety reasons, as well. Central to this system is the Acura steering rack. When the steering wheel is turned, the power is multiplied by the power steering motor, and is transferred to the pinion gear at the end of the steering column. On the upper surface of the Acura steering rack is a system of teeth. As the pinion gear interacts with these teeth, the Acura steering rack moves to either the left or the right. On each side of this assembly is a ball joint and tie rod, which transfer the motion directly to the wheels. In order to compensate for the different radiuses that the left and right wheel must turn, the Acura steering rack uses its off-center placement to its full advantage. In addition, depending on the vehicle, the distance between the teeth on the Acura steering rack may vary, across its length, to ensure a faster and easier turn. As the vehicle ages, the teeth on the steering column and the rack may suffer from the effects of friction and corrosion. When the Acura steering rack must be replaced, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our large online catalog, for much less than what the dealership would charge for a similar replacement. It is a direct replacement for the original unit, and it has a full warranty from the manufacturer. Ordering the Acura steering rack is very easy through our secure web site, or it can be done by phone, toll-free.