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Acura Tailgate

Many people see Acura vehicles as luxury and high-end vehicles that can take you from point A to point B comfortably, nothing more, nothing less. But things would have to be different for the Acura MDX, as well as with the Acura SLX that preceded it. These two vehicles are luxury SUVs and, therefore, more things would be expected from them. You would naturally expect an SUV to provide a room for a lot of cargos and to have something to protect it. And for this purpose, the Acura tailgate would definitely be of much help.

The tailgate is a rear, fold-down access door that one can usually find in trucks, SUVs, and station wagons. The main purpose of the tailgate is to protect the cargo and keep it from falling off the cargo area of the vehicle. And its other functions? There's nothing more really, except that it would usually serve as the serving table in tailgate parties.
Tailgates for pickup trucks are often just plain sheet metal hinged to the rear edges of the truck's cargo bed. For SUVs and station wagons, however, the tailgate would look more like another door, and often requires that its windows be lowered before it is folded down. You must not mistake the tailgate with the liftgate though; for the liftgate is raised rather than folded down to allow the easy entry of cargo. Still, some vehicles, especially the older ones, have tailgates that can be removed for easier cargo access, as the bulk of the tailgate is often enough to hinder the easy access of cargo into the cargo area.

Original Acura tailgates are expected to perform at their best, but that would really be limited to their primary function of protecting the cargo. Should you want anything more from your vehicle's tailgate, you can always add tailgate accessories that can make it more functional. These tailgate accessories may include tailgate steps, tailgate net, tailgate caps, tailgate protector, and other accessories. These accessories would not only make your Acura tailgate more functional but also more stylish.

  • Closer Look at Acura Tailgate

    If your vehicle has carried you faithfully for many miles, perhaps time and the elements have begun to take their toll on some of its parts, such as the Acura tailgate. The Acura tailgate takes a great deal of stress in everyday use, opened and closed countless times as it serves its practical and convenient function. The rough treatment of winter weather and the road salt that is inevitably splashed about to coat the Acura tailgate as the tires spin through the muck are sure to cause wear and tear over time. The Acura tailgate is a common target for rocks and road debris kicked up by the tires as you travel, as well as moisture from the spring rain. Perhaps that aggressive tailgater got too close as your vehicle slowed to make a turn, and gave you a rude push from the rear to cause unsightly damage. Or perhaps the inattentive driver missed the appearance of the your turn signal and ran into you as you were yielding to the oncoming flow of traffic to take that left turn, making a mess of your Acura tailgate. Whether it was the abuse of the elements or an inconvenient traffic incident that ruined its appearance, a corroded or damaged Acura tailgate ruins the look of your vehicle, and makes life difficult if the Acura tailgate is not functioning well, making it hard to access the cargo area. The installation of a new Acura tailgate can quickly solve both problems, giving your vehicle back its smooth and attractive appearance and the easy convenient access to the cargo area that you need. We carry a selection of Acura tailgate replacement parts at great prices in our online catalog. Ordering your Acura tailgate will be fast and easy whether using our toll-free phone line or our secure site.