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Acura Thermostat

The Acura thermostat is a component in the cooling system of your vehicle, serving a role in the process that maintains a safe operating temperature for your engine. The primary function of the Acura thermostat is to block the flow of the engine coolant liquid in the vehicle radiator until the engine has warmed. The coolant is not allowed to flow until the engine has reached a temperature that allows efficient operation, with the oil warmed to flow freely about its path to lubricate vital engine parts, preventing damaging friction. The Acura thermostat allows this optimal operating temperature to be reached more quickly, by putting a hold on the engine-cooling process until a certain temperature has been reached. Once the engine temperature rises, the Acura thermostat will open to allow the engine cooling system to begin its protective cycle of temperature regulation. The Acura thermostat is a very simple heat sensitive device that performs its function with dependable efficiency for many miles of vehicle use. However, over time the Acura thermostat can become worn from corrosion or simple wear and tear, causing it to become stuck, unable to open as it should. This can cause trouble in the cooling system, allowing dangerous engine overheating if the Acura thermostat will not open properly to allow the coolant to flow efficiently through the system. Our user-friendly online catalog offers a selection of quality Acura thermostat replacement parts, all at very reasonable prices. Our secure and well-organized site will make ordering your Acura thermostat replacement fast and easy or if you prefer to place your order by phone, our toll-free phone line is just as efficient.