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Acura Timing Belt

The Acura timing belt is an important component in the efficiency of the engine, keeping its operation smooth and synchronized. The Acura timing belt transmits the torque of the engine crankshaft to the camshaft, causing the valves to open and close, providing the fuel and air to the engine for combustion, and expelling the exhaust gasses that are produced by that combustion. This process must be precisely timed for the engine to operate at its best, with the most efficient combustion process. If this process is not precise, the delicate balance that produces the combustion process can be disturbed, making the engine less efficient and causing poor vehicle performance. The Acura timing belt must be kept in good condition for this process to happen smoothly, making its maintenance extremely important. There are recommended replacement intervals for the Acura timing belt that help to prevent failure due to wear, important to follow to ensure good vehicle performance and efficiency. The Acura timing belt can fail prematurely on occasion, so it is important to watch for signs of problems even if you have followed the recommended replacement schedule. Some of those symptoms include rough running or idling, hard starting, poor fuel economy and a loss of engine power. In most vehicles, a broken Acura timing belt will cause an inconvenient breakdown, leaving it unable to function until a new belt is installed. In vehicles that use an interference engine the consequences can be more severe, such as expensive engine damage. We carry a selection of quality Acura timing belt replacements at great prices in our online catalog. Our site is secure for safe and efficient ordering or you can just as conveniently order your Acura timing belt on our toll-free phone line.