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Acura TL Headlight

Top Reasons Why an Acura TI Headlight Doesn't Function Properly

The tail lights are one of the most important yet most fragile components in an Acura TI. With all the extreme conditions they are often subjected to, the Acura TI tail lights are always prone to damage. When you start experiencing problems with your headlights, you need to do the necessary action to fix them. The first step in solving the issue is to determine the cause. To help you find these culprits, here are some of the ways that you can follow.

Occasional to frequent headlight flickers

You should take flickering headlights seriously. Not only because they are very annoying, but they are also dangerous for they tend to distract you when you're driving. What you need to do is to check if the light bulbs are tightly screwed onto their sockets. Bulbs can get loose due to constant vibrations caused by the car's motion. Another possible cause is a burnt or grounded electrical wire. A damaged wire can interrupt the flow of electricity and can cause your headlights to fluctuate. You can verify this by opening the headlight assembly to check if the cables have power or voltage in them. An ohmmeter can help you find which wires are no longer working.

Clouded or foggy headlights

Some car owners replace their bulbs with higher lumen rating because they thought the current lights are quite faint. What they fail to notice is that the lights appear dim because the plastic or glass lens is covered with dust and grime that impede the flow of light. Moisture causes these particles to stick to the lens. If you don't clean it right away, it can cause extreme damage to the headlight assembly. When soot is too thick, replacing the lens can be the only remedy.

Dim headlights

Dimming is often caused by overcrowding in the Acura TI's electrical system. Your headlights are not the only components that are powered by electricity; you have the radio, power windows and mirrors, etc. When your car's battery is not fully-charged, it cannot supply enough voltage to make electronic car parts work. Therefore, you should inspect if your alternator is working fine. It is the alternator's job to keep the battery fully charged. When you see that it is broken, you have to replace it right away to prevent damaging the battery.

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  • Four Most Efficient Ways of Protecting Your Acura TI Headlight

    You may think that as long as the headlights in your Acura turn on when you need them, they are in good-working condition. The truth is, symptoms of headlight failure attack like virus in your body. They remain hidden until they become fully capable of busting the bulbs, and blowing off the fuses in your car. That's why it is very important to have a regular maintenance check to keep your headlights in their tip-top shape.

    • Prevent dirt build up.
    • When doing a headlight maintenance check, it's always best to start with the exterior components because these are the parts that are overly exposed. One of these parts is the lens. It can break or crack due to severe vibrations and impacts, especially when another vehicle hits it. Also, dirt and moisture can make the lens foggy. They make the lights appear faint or dim. Good thing, automotive wax and sealant are readily available in the market. These are applied on the lens' surface to keep them sealed from moisture and dust particles. After washing your lenses, make sure to coat them with sealant. You can reapply up to four times in a year to ensure utmost protection.
    • Keep the lights properly adjusted.
    • Light bulbs get loose over time. If they are not tightly screwed onto their sockets, lights may flicker or worse, they may get busted. Also, you have to make sure that the lights are positioned at right angles. The light beams must be pointing straight on the road to eliminate blind spots. If you think your lights are misaligned, you can ask a mechanic to adjust them correctly.
    • Replace in pairs.
    • When one of the bulbs in your Acura TI gets busted, there's a tendency for the other bulb to fail soon. Especially if the bulb came off due to normal wear and tear. Also, if you replace only one of the bulbs, the new bulb will shine brighter than the other. To ensure proper illumination, always replace the bulbs in pairs.
    • Protect the wires.
    • You should also pay close attention to small electrical cables because they are crucial to Acura TI headlight operation. When these wires are torn or corroded, your headlights will not light up. Keep your wires in tip-top condition by applying dielectric grease. It inhibits the formation of rust, and it also enhances the conduction capability of these wires.