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Acura TL Shocks

Three Things that Result from Worn-out Acura TL Shocks

The Acura TL is a mid-sized luxury sports sedan known for its stylish but restrained look. Unlike most luxury sports vehicles, the Acura TL caters mostly to people who like vehicles that exhibit ample sensibility interspersed with understated elegance. Though well built and highly capable of excellent performance, the TL suffers from shock absorber problems that hamper its ability to deliver superior driving experience.

Premature tire wear

Automobile tires are always subject to early wear because of frequency in use. However, there are times when tires wear out prematurely because of damaged shocks. When you notice cupping or scalloped patterns on your tire, check your vehicle's shocks for damage. Worn-out shocks need to be replaced to restore your automobile's performance. Replacing it entails the removal of other suspension systems parts, so it's best to diagnose other possible suspension problems while installing new shocks.

Excessive bouncing and sagging on one side

While vehicles show signs of slight recoil during driving, too much bounce can be attributed to used-up shocks. You can check if your automobile bounces excessively by pushing down its corners. If it springs back right away into original position, the shocks are okay. If the vehicle does not show resiliency during the bounce test, it's likely that its shock absorber is damaged and needs to be replaced right away. The same thing can be done if the automobile sags or leans to one side.

Rattling noise

Driving over bumps usually doesn't create noise. However, a rattling sound from the underside of the vehicle could be a sign of exhausted suspension parts. The shock absorber could be worn out or unsecured. Check if there are any loose bolts connected to the shock absorber. You can use a wrench to tighten any unfastened bolts to the shock absorber. However, if the shock is worn-out, you'll need to replace it right away.

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  • How to Take Good Care of your Acura TL Shocks

    Can you imagine a day without your Acura TL shocks? No, you can't. Without them, you'll suffer from an extremely bouncy ride. That's why it is very important to keep them in their tip-top shape all the time, so you won't experience such hassles. If you want to prolong the service life of your shocks, here are a few maintenance tips for you.

    • Know the right time to replace your shocks.
    • Experts say that it is better if you replace your shocks every 80,500 kilometers or 50,000 miles. This is not a standard time line though. It still depends on a number of factors such as your driving style and your vehicle's weight. Just be keen enough to see the signs of shock failure. The moment you see cracks on your shocks, replace them immediately.
    • Keep your shocks clean and rust free.
    • Your shocks are constantly exposed to damaging debris on the road. Gravel, pebbles, and mud can accumulate on your Acura TL shocks. To prevent dirt build up, clean your shocks with soap and water every month. Do this more often if you always travel on dusty roads. Apply a liberate amount of polish after every wash to keep your shocks shiny and rust free.
    • Stop shock leaks.
    • If you look closely at your Acura TL shocks, you'll see that they have small tubes that contain liquid shock dampeners. When these tubes crack, the oil inside spills out and spread on the other components of the suspension. Unfortunately, these shock tubes are not repairable. In order to stop the leaks, you have to replace the entire shock.
    • Mount your shocks tightly.
    • Shocks must be mounted firmly to prevent them from wobbling. Loose bolts and screws may result in loud thumping noise while you're driving. Even though you just recently tighten the shock bolts, you need to redo it. Mechanical vibration causes these screws to loosen up, so you need to retighten them every month.
    • Take care of the other suspension components.
    • The shocks in your Acura TL are just one part of the entire suspension assembly. The other parts like the ball joints and coil springs must be checked as well, because they have a huge effect on the shocks' operation. For the suspension assembly to work efficiently, all the components must be in good condition, not just the shocks.