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Acura Tonneau Cover

The Acura tonneau cover offers a great deal of added convenience to the typical truck, adding cargo space by shielding the bed from the weather to allow more versatility in its use. The cargo that now needs shelter from the elements in the limited space of the cab could be safely carried in the truck bed, with the addition of the Acura tonneau cover to protect it from the wind and rain. The unexpected summer downpour will not cause a scramble to rescue items that could be ruined by the moisture, leaving you dripping wet and annoyed. The Acura tonneau cover will keep them dry and protected while you stay warm and dry in the cab of the vehicle. The Acura tonneau cover is made of Heavy-duty vinyl for durability and resistance to the elements, and is available with a choice of tough fastening systems including strong snaps, C-channels or a roll down locking system. In colder climates, the roll down locking system can be particularly handy, as the vinyl of the Acura tonneau cover can be made less flexible by the cold. This style uses a latching system that automatically stretches it tightly across the bed, leaving you free from the chore of stretching a frozen cover across to fasten the snaps. Whichever style you choose, the Acura tonneau cover is sure to add a lot of versatile cargo space to your truck, making its daily use much more convenient. We carry a quality selection of the Acura tonneau cover in our online catalog at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure for safe and easy ordering or our toll-free phone line can take your Acura tonneau cover order just as conveniently.