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Acura Wheel Bearing

The Acura wheel bearing is the support that holds the wheel onto the axle of the vehicle, making this simple little component quite important to your daily travel. The Acura wheel bearing requires constant lubrication to perform well, and is packed with heavy lubricating grease. There are two basic types of the Acura wheel bearing, the serviceable type, and sealed ones. The serviceable Acura wheel bearing needs periodic maintenance, done by repacking it with a new supply of the lubricant that supports its function, pushing the old lubricant out. This type of Acura wheel bearing is most common in rear wheel drive vehicles and those made before the mid 1990's. Most front wheel drive vehicles use the sealed type of Acura wheel bearing, which cannot be repacked. The sealed type is also more common in late model vehicles. If your vehicle has serviceable Acura wheel bearings, they must be repacked with new grease when the disc brake rotors are serviced, since they are removed in the process. The Acura wheel bearing can fail on occasion, often making a humming noise as they become worn that becomes louder as the speed of the vehicle increases. If a front wheel bearing has failed, you can usually tell on which side the problem is by the sound, as it gets louder on the affected side as the steering wheel turns. We carry a selection of quality Acura wheel bearing replacements in our online catalog, all at great low prices. Our secure site makes it fast and easy to order your Acura wheel bearing replacement or our toll-free phone can handle your order just as efficiently.