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Acura Window Motor

The Acura window motor is the source of the power that raises and lowers the window glass when you press the power window controls, supplying power to the gears that control the window regulator, which moves the window up and down. The Acura window motor is located inside the door panel of the vehicle, attached to the window regulator. A tough and dependable component, the Acura window motor will reliably function for many thousands of window operations, but -- as with any vehicle part -- it can eventually begin to show wear. If there is corrosion in any of the power window components, making them hard to operate, this can place excessive stress on the Acura window motor or even cause it to burn out. Moisture can affect the Acura window motor or its connections causing them to fail. This can lead to a window that has become stuck open or closed or somewhere in the middle, leaving you with an inconvenient situation. If the window is wide open at all times, you will be unable to close out the rain wind and cold. If it is closed, the drive through can become quite a chore. Either situation is a hassle in its own way, so surely you will want to replace that Acura window motor as soon as possible. The repair is not a difficult job, and replacing the Acura window motor can be done quite easily at home. Purchasing the Acura window motor can be done easily as well, if you choose yours from the selection available in our convenient online catalog at terrific prices. Ordering your Acura window motor is also fast and easy, whether you use our toll-free phone line or our secure site.

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