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Acura Window Regulator

There are many parts and mechanisms in your Acura that may sometimes seem unimportant, even ridiculous but would often prove their worth on many situations. Among these parts are the Acura window regulators. These parts may look funny and unnecessary, especially that high end vehicles like Acura vehicles are expected to be equipped with standard air conditioning units. Some instances, however, shows us the usefulness of these equipments, like when having to pay the toll booths or getting your orders from a drive-thru fast-food restaurant. Simple instances, really, but we do feel lucky that our cars have window regulators to make things a lot easier.

There are two kinds of window regulators: the manual (or hand cranked) window regulator, and the power (or automatic) window regulator. Fairly new in the market and considered as high-end vehicles, Acura vehicles are expected to be equipped with power window regulators, together with other 'power' equipments like power door locks and power seat controls. Typical window regulators of this type are normally equipped with a small electronic motor attached to a combination of worm gear and spur gears which in turn controls the movement of the linkages and bar that holds the windows. The windows are lifted and lowered by pressing a button or activating a switch.

The other type of window regulator, the manual window regulator, can often be seen on older vehicles. Unless there is a modification or customization made on your Acura, it shouldn't be equipped with one. Most manual window regulators are composed of basically the same parts that can be found on power window regulators, except that the winding mechanism is manually controlled through a hand crank instead of using an electronic motor.

Power or manual, there is no doubt that window regulators are important components in your car. This should be the reason why original Acura window regulators are only of premium quality. Window regulators, however, would wear down with constant use and sooner than you expect, you may have to replace your Acura's. You don't have to worry though, for there are a lot of replacement Acura window regulators available in the market. Just choose one that meets the specification for your Acura and one that meets your specification for quality.

Acura Window Regulator Models