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Audi A6 Headlamps

Shedding Light on Audi A6 Headlamp Problems

An argument can be made on whether or not the headlamps are the most important safety components on any vehicle. However, these parts' function is very necessary for any driver. There are no other parts of the car that can provide the needed visibility during lowlight, nighttime, and low visibility situations. It's a good thing that problems with the headlamp are so easy to identify and relatively simple and straightforward to mend. Here's how you can brighten up the dire circumstance your headlamps might be in.

Moisture is building up inside the headlamps.

Droplets of water inside an otherwise sealed headlamp is not going to be good for the headlamps. Aside from making the light visibly dimmer because of the accumulation, it can also make the bulbs explode. The heat of the bulb boils the water and turns it to vapor. The tiny vapors clouds up the beam and makes the light becomes less bright. The sudden changes in the temperature on the surface of the bulb can agitate the surface tension, causing it to explode. Taking the moisture off by drying it off under the sun and re-sealing the headlamp is the best way to fix this problem.

Only one headlamp is working.

If only one headlamp works, the bulb in the headlamp that doesn't work might have burned off. This happens when the filament inside the bulb gets seared by the introduction of oxygen. This is normally caused by damage on the casing or the bulb might have reached the end of its service span. A halogen bulb has a service life ranging from 600 to 2000 hours. Additionally, any hindrance with the flow of electricity from worn out wires, switches, and fuses can also stop the operation of the headlamp.

Less light is coming out of the headlamps.

Headlamps that are dirty, oxidized, or just plain dirty can make the illumination become inadequate. Even minor obstructions such as these can be a hassle and risky, especially when the car has a dark tint. Electrical problems such as weak batteries or defective alternator could also contribute to this issue. Discoloration on plastic headlamp lenses makes for less transparency. Therefore, light will have difficulty going out of the assembly. Plastics exposed to UV rays can lose their transparency and turn translucent to almost opaque because of oxidization. Use the proper restoration products and procedures when to deal with this specific problem.

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  • Tips for Good Audi A6 Headlamp Maintainance

    Maintaining headlamps is very easy. Cleaning them up usually solves most of the problems. Once the origin of the problem becomes much harder to determine, its simple design virtually gives away the cause. Since it has only a few moving parts, the defective part can easily be changed. Here are some of the things you can do to maintain the good condition of your Audi A6 headlamps.

    Monitor the brightness.

    The brightness of the headlamp is probably the most important aspect of the headlamp. It's a good thing that it is also the easiest to maintain and to diagnose. Lenses and bulbs directly influences the lamp's brightness. Throw in the battery and the alternator there. If there are any problems with these, it will automatically be reflected by the strength of the brightness. For lens problems, just clean it up with non-abrasive cleaners or restore it with agents available in the market. If the problem is with the electrical aspect, the battery might be weak or the alternator might be failing. Change as necessary. Same goes with the bulb. When the bulb goes out, it usually lights up very bright then go out immediately after. Finally, bulbs must be free from moisture. Put a small bag of silica beads inside the headlamp.

    Inspect the beam.

    Having the correct beam position can be a difference maker. An improperly aimed headlight could lessen visibility and distract oncoming traffic. This can put a lot of lives at risk. So while monitoring the brightness, calibrate the beam position. The rule of thumb when it comes to this is: the beam should be directed in such a way that it shouldn't go over the hood while you're riding the car. Do this while the car is parked 10 to 12 feet away from a wall. Furthermore, don't run over deep potholes because the vibration may misalign the beam alignment.

    Examine the body.

    Examining the body of the headlamps on your Audi A6 can do wonders. Because your headlamps might have these small nicks, scratches, and cracks that can really do harm, closely examining the headlamps is important and essential in basic maintenance. Headlamps are actually exposed to severe stress more than you think. The constant change of temperature inside and outside the lamp can definitely be a factor in the decline of the headlamp. Some of damage can be easily repaired like changing the seal. The headlamp can outlast even the car itself with proper care. However, wear and tear is inevitable.