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Audi A8 Shock Absorber

Audi A8 Shock Absorber Gone Bad

The Audi A8 shock absorber is the secret to keeping your classy vehicle in top shape. This basically lets you control your car better and enables you to have a smooth ride. However, it's inevitable that the shock absorber would go from good to bad in due time. If you think that it's becoming problematic, diagnose the Audi A8 shock absorber yourself by reading some of these helpful tips.

Is the car rocking?

If your Audi A8 starts rocking around the corner, then here's a quick tip to know if the shock absorber is faulty. This technique is to let you know if this part is no longer in good condition or is not working at all. On one corner of your vehicle, push the bumper downward. If the corner continues to bounce up and down more than two times, then it's an indication that the shock absorber is worn out.

Does your vehicle look odd?

The visual look of your automobile can also show signs that the shock absorber is damaged. If you start to notice leaking dark oil, it means that the shock absorber has worn due to the loss of integrity. The condition of the tires also reflects the state of this component. If uneven tire wear spots appear, then the shock absorber must be defective.

Can you still control your automobile well?

Take your Audi A8 on a test drive to check if the shock absorbers are worn out. Make sure that you take note of how your car reacts when you're driving. If it leans whenever you make a turn or bounces over and dips on bumpy trails, then it's an obvious indication that the shock absorber is defective and must be replaced as soon as possible.

Does your ride react oddly when you step on the pedals?

As you take your car out on a drive, check how it reacts whenever you step on the brake pedal and on the gas. If the front side of your Audi A8 dives when you brake or if the rear end dips whenever you accelerate, it's a symptom that the shocks are damaged. Better have your old ones replaced with new Audi A8 shock absorbers.

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  • Keep Your Audi A8 Shock Absorber in Top Condition

    The secret to every car's great handling is good shocks. If your Audi A8 shock absorber is in great condition, then no doubt that your vehicle gets its optimum performance. However, it's inevitable for this to wear out after a few years. Sometimes, it can completely give up on you. But, you can always make them last longer than expected. Here are some maintenance tips that you can use to keep your Audi A8 shock absorber in top condition.

    • Regularly inspect the shock absorber to know if it needs to be replaced.
    • It's not a surprise that, sooner or later, the shock absorber would give up especially since this is part of the suspension system of the vehicle. Schedule a regular inspection so that you'll know whether or not this part must be replaced already.Also, a way to find out if you need the shock absorber to be replaced is by doing it in your own street. Accelerate your vehicle 10 mph and hit on the brake pedal. If the front end keeps on moving up and down, then it's an indication that your shock absorbers need to be replaced.
    • Clean up the leaks.
    • Another factor why shock absorbers wear is because of oil leaking out. Inspect the shocks and see if there are cracked seals or if there are dents in the shock tubes. If so, have these repaired so that you won't have to experience further leaks that can probably jeopardize the performance of your Audi A8 shock absorber.
    • Adjust loose parts that make your shock absorber rattle.
    • Loose bolts that are in your shock absorber are one of the causes why it rattles whenever you drive. Aside from it being a nuisance to your driving, it can also be dangerous because you'll never know what a loose bolt can do to your suspension system. This is why you have to see to it that the shock absorber is firmly installed to get excellent performance. If there are any loose bolts, make sure to adjust them; if they're worn out, see to it that you replace them immediately.