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BMW 528i Door Handle

Signs of a Broken BMW 528i Door Handle

The door handles of the BMW 528i are well known to have numerous issues and concerns. If you've owned your car for quite some time and have driven it at a considerable distance, you may have had an experience with this in one time or another. However, if your BMW is relatively young and you as an owner are unaware of this type of problem, then read up on the following paragraphs to know what to expect. The following are the progressive signs that you have a set of broken door handles on your 528i. All symptoms can be noticed when using both handles inside and outside the car.

Door clicks and clatters.

If you hear some clicking and clattering every time you open pull the BMW's door handles, this is the first sign of door handles going bad. The noise should be consistent with each pull you make. This is the sound of the latch that keeps the door shut. The internal mechanism of each assembly is beginning to fail. The parts of the latch have become loose and some have started to rub against the handle.

Door is difficult to open.

Any difficulty when opening any door of your BMW indicates a problem. You shouldn't need extra juice and some sweat just to pull the handles and get the door open. It usually only takes a small and unsubstantial amount of force to use these. This type of problem happens because the latch that releases the door is loosely attached to the handle. With this weak link, you need to repetitively try pulling hard just to get your car open.

Door is completely stuck.

The most serious sign that one of your car's door handle is really broken is when the door seems to be completely stuck. No amount of pulling and forcing on the assemblies will open it for you. By this time, you have no other choice but to tear the door panel apart and fix its mechanisms. The problem here is that the latch has completely gone off from the handle's inner face. It should also feel lighter and easier compared to when it was fine in the first place because there is no more resistance from the same latch.

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  • Keeping a BMW 528i Door Handle in One Piece

    Countless complaints have been dished at the door handles of a BMW 528i. These very problematic pieces of the sedan question the car's classification as a luxury vehicle. There's a way for you not to fall victim to these plagued handles. Most of the things you can do simply involve reminding anybody who opens and closes the doors to be gentle and careful so as not to damage the part. The following tips are the precautions you can take to ensure that the door handles of your BMW are kept in one piece:

    Be gentle on the handles.

    Keeping the door handles in one piece mostly rests on how gentle or rough people are when these are used. Using too much force when pulling on the handles can result to snapped or broken ones if you're not careful. The same is also true if you suddenly release and allow these to snap in neutral position. This impact can shatter the plastic pieces. As a reminder, just be gentle and treat the handles as if you're holding a delicate piece of fragile glass.

    Mind the scratches.

    Scratches are bad for the exterior door handles. Even if these are small and hard to see from afar, the ruined the paint job that makes your car look ugly is visible upon closer inspection. Long fingernails are a good source for this. Whenever you slide your hand in to grip the handles, you may not notice that your nails are already scratching the paint. You can avoid this type of problem by being careful and conscious whenever you reach for the handles. Try removing these scuffs by buffing and waxing the surface.

    Don't slam the doors.

    There's never a good reason for anybody to slam the doors of your BMW 528i. Not only does this produce a loud bang, this also shakes and rattles the parts and mechanisms in and on the door. Slamming is a good way to damage the handles. This can also dislodge and snap the assembly off from the door. The impact can also disconnect the opening latch to the handles. When this happens, what you have is a door that won't open easily.