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BMW 528i Shock Absorber

Determining a Worn BMW 528i Shock Absorber

The BMW 528i shock absorber is all about control and stability. It is made up of non-corrosion and high-quality metal to make sure it will be able to carry the weight of the whole vehicle. Nonetheless, this particular part takes one of the heaviest abuses and wears in the whole suspension system. This makes the shock absorber a dispensable part of the BMW 528i. If you notice that your vehicle feels odd most especially in the wheel parts, perhaps it is about time to replace your shock absorbers. To be certain, following are some of the common symptoms signifying your shock absorbers have met the end of the road.

Excessive bouncing

The most common sign of a worn out shock absorber is when it bounces more often than usual. The best way to be sure is through "The Bounce Test." You can do it by pushing the bumper of your parked car as low as possible and then releasing it quickly. If your car bounces more than twice before it finally stabilize, a shock absorber is not doing its job well.

Uneven tire wear

The job of the shock absorber is to plant the wheels as firmly as possible to the road no matter what terrain the vehicle is in. A bad shock absorber will do otherwise. This makes large chunks of tires tear away from the thread. You can easily check for this sign by looking into your tires while the car is parked.

Oil running down the BMW 528i shock absorber body

A shock absorber contains oil that regulates the pressure it utilizes in compression and decompression. There will be times when the shock absorber experiences leaks, making it lose internal oil, resulting in less pressure and poor performance. You can check for dark fluid leaking from the top or bottom part of the shock absorber body to make sure your shock absorber is leaking.

Broken coil spring

A coil over shock absorber will have a coil spring enclosing the shock absorber body. This spring is usually coated with materials that make it more durable and good to look at. Despite this coating, different road factors in your environment such as dirt and road salt during winter will cause it to undergo hydrogen embrittlement which weakens the performance of the spring and your shock absorber as a whole.

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BMW 528i Shock Absorber Available Years

  • Increasing the Mileage of Your BMW 528i Shock Absorber 04 March 2014

    A shock absorber's lifespan is very difficult to tell. It can be as short as 5,000 miles but can even last up to 80,000 miles. A bad shock absorber can cause greater damage to the whole of the suspension system in the long run. If you want to continue having a comfortable ride both for you and your passengers, you need to take good care of your suspension system. This does not exclude the shock absorber. Following are some good ways to give your shock absorber a longer road life.

    • Check for symptoms regularly.
    • If you are taking your BMW 528i for a drive everyday, your shock absorber is exposed to wear, abuse, and dirt the most. To make sure you have your suspension system and shock absorber at superior condition, check them for symptoms at least once a month. A bad BMW 528i shock absorber will cause excessive bouncing, nose dives, undercarriage noises, uneven tire wear, and oil leaks on the shock absorber body above all. Be conscious to these symptoms so you can replace a damaged shock absorber before you hit the road again.
    • Replace damaged shock absorber bushings immediately.
    • The shock absorber bushings are the rubber pieces that are placed between the shock absorber and the car frame. Because your shock absorber is in constant motion when driving, the bushings are also in constant abuse, making it wear little by little. Once you spot a damaged bushing, you should replace it immediately before it can cause more damage to the shock absorber. Doing so can save a lot of money and increase the shock absorber's life.
    • Lubricate the suspension system often.
    • The suspension system is all about smooth steering and handling. This makes lubrication a key in good suspension performance. As part of the suspension system, the shock absorber will take damage from a bad suspension system. With this in mind, you should make sure the joints and other parts of your BMW 528i's suspension system are all lubricated properly. In doing so, clean equipment and supplies should be used because dirt may enter into different suspension components, leading to premature failure.