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BMW 528i Shocks

Indications of Bad BMW 528i Shocks

All BMW cars in general are known for the comfortable ride and near-perfect handling they offer. The BMW 528i shocks play a very important role in this success the make was able to earn. Shocks dictate the ride and handling characteristics of your vehicle. It eliminates swaying whenever you go through a bumpy road. This makes the shocks prone to wear and malfunction over time. Added with heat from under the vehicle, shocks can go bad and make the driving experience an uncomfortable and frustrating one. To make things easier for you, following are some ways on how you can know for sure if your shocks are going bad.

Abnormal tire wear

Most already know that during bumpy rides, the shocks keep the wheels implanted to the road. This gives safer ride to everyone as well as longer life for the tires. Bad shocks will cause the wheels to skip and wheel-hop. This will cause the rubber chunks from the tire tread to fall off, giving an obvious and uneven tire appearance. Simply give your tires a visual inspection to know if this problem is present in your car.

Car pulling to one side

Another function of the BMW 528i shocks is to keep the vehicle body stable and steady during turning. Obviously, worn shocks will give side sways to your vehicle during sharp cornering. Give your vehicle a drive test and make a sudden turn. This will give you an idea if you have a malfunctioning shock and which wheel it can be found.

Crashing noises when going over bumps

If clunking and crashing sounds are heard on the wheels everytime your BMW 528i goes over a bump, there must be something rubbing against one or more of your shocks. Check your shocks as there might be a loose nut or bad bushing which needs to be tightened or replaced respectively. However, in severe cases, these noises are actually caused by a bad shock.

Hard steering

There are two possible reasons why you are experiencing difficulty in steering. The most common reason is that one of your tires is not inflated with the same pressure as the others. However, if you are certain that the problem does not lie with the tires, bad shocks may be at fault. Shocks assist in steering by making sure the wheels always make contact with the road. And if it does not do its job, hard steering may occur.

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  • How to Prolong Your BMW 528i Shocks Life

    Despite their importance, you may be taking your BMW 528i shocks for granted. No need to be ashamed. This is the same case for most car owners out there. However, it is important for you to know that the shocks directly affect the drivability and comfort of your BMW 528i as it provides smoother ride by decreasing the impact of rough roads. To keep the driving comfort and fine handling of your vehicle, you should keep a close eye on your shocks. If you fail to do so, it can lead to faster tire wear, reduced braking control, and harder steering. You would not want that to happen so following are some tips you are sure to find useful in taking care of your shocks.

    • Clean the shocks periodically.
    • Since the shocks are located at the bottom of the vehicle, it has direct contact and exposure to road dirt, making the part prone to contaminants that promote rusting and corrosion. Every once in a while or everytime you drive through a dirty road, it is advisable to clean your shocks especially the parts that slide in and out. You can use a high pressure cleaner in taking out the dirt buildup in the shock body.
    • Check the mounting points.
    • The mounting hardware that holds the shock to the car frame also causes problems and, in the long run, damages the shocks themselves. If one of the shock ends is forced or positioned more onto the other side, it can cause corrosion to this part of the shock assembly. This may be a problem with loose mounting hardware and nuts. Check for these and tighten any loose part.
    • Replace damaged bushings.
    • Due to grit and constant abuse, seals and bushings in your BMW 528i shocks are very prone to wearing. Even though some shock setups include a covering that protects the assembly from contaminants, these covers will fall apart after a couple of years. To be sure that your shocks are working just fine, make regular inspections of your shocks and replace the damaged seals and bushings.
    • Drive on smooth and paved roads as much as possible.
    • The best way to prolong a shock's life is by avoiding gravel and winding roads. These will put maximum stress to your shocks, resulting in increased wear and shorter lifespan.