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BMW 528i Struts

Determining Worn BMW 528i Struts

Unlike shocks, the BMW 528i struts have a lot of functions that make it an integral suspension part of the car. It supports the vehicle's weight with compression and decompression motions. Unfortunately, this part is not forever to stay. Its dampening capabilities reduce over time until it is time to replace it. Problems with the struts start with swaying of the car, decreased suspension strength, and longer braking distance. To be sure that your struts are not working well, following are some information you might find useful.

Car body sag

This symptom is very easy to tell. Obviously, bad struts will have less power to compress or decompress. With this, since it supports the weight of your car, it will not be able decompress and raise the vehicle to its normal height. As a result, a part of the car may seem lower compared to the other sides. This is coupled by a less stable car body position.

Uncontrollable shaking

If worn struts are subject to severely uneven terrain, they will tend to shake uncontrollably. This is because a bad strut will have less supporting capacities and having it run on bumpy roads will expose it to more abuse from the vehicle's weight which it could no longer support. If you notice abnormal shakes in a particular side of your BMW 528i, you might want to check the strut on the wheel of that side.


Most struts work with a hydraulic fluid inside the body to produce pressure in compressing and decompressing. However, since the struts always work hard, they are very much prone to damage and break. Once there is break, the hydraulic fluid inside the body will leak out, lessening the pressure the strut produces. To check for this problem, look for oil leaks at the top or bottom part of the struts.

Rattling noises

Bad struts have reduced tension and pressure. This makes its internal parts almost hollow. As a result, the inner part assembly will tend to collide with the outer strut assembly, making a rattling sound when driving your vehicle on the road. To be certain if the sounds are coming from one of your BMW 528i struts, give your car a drive over bumps and rough roads. Pay close attention to the sound and determine which strut is making it.

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  • Taking Care of Your BMW 528i Struts

    It is very important that your BMW 528i struts are always in good working condition. This is simply because they are the ones that support the weight of your car as well as provide dampening functions to protect the body from too much shock due to bumpy roads. Although your BMW can still be driven on the road with bad struts, it should be done with much care because there will be less stability, bad handling, and difficult braking. This is precisely why the struts should be taken care of and maintained well. Following are some tips on how to prolong the life of your struts.

    • Check the struts once a year.
    • The struts are composed of various durable components that make it withstand the abuse when driving the road. Because of this, it requires checking only at least once a year. This should be done the same time as the annual wheel alignment of your BMW 528i. When inspecting the struts, take note of breaks, wears, and leaks on the strut body so you can address any problem before it gets worse.
    • Use dust covers.
    • Most struts come with dust covers or dust boots. These are very important protective parts that keep contaminants away from the strut assembly. If your struts do not have dust covers, it is advisable that you buy one. Also, check the boot from time to time and whenever you hit a dirty road. Clean it of any dirt buildup that may prove to be harmful to the strut assembly.
    • Lubricate your struts from time to time.
    • Because the struts are very much exposed to pressure, weight, and abuse, they are also prone to wearing and seizing. This results in reduced lifespan for the strut. Good thing is that you can add a little mileage to it by greasing its internal parts. There are grease reservoirs in the strut housings. Make sure you have them lubricated well for smooth performance on the road.
    • Replace the coil springs with the BMW 528i struts.
    • When replacing a strut, the coil springs should also be replaced. This will ensure fresh and new operations for the strut. More so, it will save time and money for service fee as you are able to replace both parts at the same time.