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BMW 740i Grille Assembly

BMW 740i Grille Assembly Issues

Whether your BMW 740i grille assembly is black or chrome, you'll want to keep it in good condition as much as possible. However, a few issues may plague it on occasion. Below are some of the problems that you may encounter:


While some scratches may not be that visible, you still won't want any on your BMW 740i grille assembly. After all, scratches are blemishes, regardless of their size. Fortunately, they aren't permanent. In fact, there are numerous tools/methods that you can use to get rid of scratches on your grille assembly. Applying toothpaste on the scratched surface, using sandpaper, and polishing are some of the ways to erase scratches.


Yes, you can get away with small scratches without anybody noticing them. It probably won't be the case with dents though. It doesn't matter whether the dent is big or small-somebody is bound to notice it no matter what you do.

If your grille assembly is dented, don't feel like it's the end of the world. It may look bad, but your BMW 740i grille assembly can still be saved. Just like scratches, there are several ways to repair dents. Tools such as hammers, dry ice, and plungers are all effective means of eliminating these eyesores.


Stains may not be structural damage like scratches or dents, but they surely are just as awful. Your BMW 740i grille assembly is highly prone to stains because of its placement. As you know, your grille assembly is located at the front end of your 740i. This exposes your grille assembly to road elements such as mud, dirt, and dust. Naturally, they'll cause your grille assembly to become soiled. That's not a huge problem, though, since you can easily wipe off mud, dirt, and dust with just dish soap and water. You'll only encounter difficulty if you allow all those grime to sit on your grille assembly for a long period of time.

If the said road elements have indeed settled on your BMW 740i grille assembly, they have most likely developed into stains. They can prove to be tougher to get rid of as plain dish soap and water will be ineffective against such blemishes. You'll need to utilize more potent cleaning agents if that's the case. Distilled vinegar, a household item that can be used as a cleaning agent, particularly works well against most types of stains.

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  • Maintenance Tips: BMW 740i Grille Assembly

    Need helpful tips on how to maintain you BMW 740i grille assembly? We've got a few for you. Below are some of the ways to take care of your ride's grille assembly.

    Give your grille assembly the soap and water treatment.

    Your BMW 740i grille assembly doesn't ask much from you. Most of the time, all it needs is a bit of soap and water. Washing your grille assembly every now and then should prevent the emergence of stains, which develop from the excessive buildup of mud, dirt, and dust.

    If stains already inhabit your BMW 740i grille assembly, plain soap and water will no longer be enough to clean it. Don't worry just yet, though, as you can still get those stains off your grille assembly. You'll just have to utilize more potent cleaning agents. You can opt for branded cleaning products that are sold in most automotive stores or home remedies such as distilled vinegar. Don't underestimate the latter as it's a particularly effective cleaning agent-distilled vinegar can erase even the peskiest of stains if mixed with warm water. Plus, the said home remedy won't cost you extra since you most likely have a bottle of it in your cupboard, anyway.

    Top off your cleaning with polish.

    Polishing isn't really necessary. However, you'll want to do it anyway as polishing goes a long way in keeping your BMW 740i grille assembly looking like new. On top of providing your grille assembly with some shine, polishing also rids it of scratches (if yours has any).

    Since polishing only takes a bit of your time and effort (and considering the benefits), there's no just no good reason why you shouldn't polish your BMW 740i grille assembly after cleaning it. It's a simple process that you can start off by to applying an ample amount of polishing solution on a rag or a piece of cloth. You can then proceed to wipe your grille assembly with it-just make sure that you cover all the areas. Repeat the process until your grille assembly gets the level of shine that you want (or until the scratches that you're trying to erase is gone).