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BMW 745i Brake Pad Set

The Usual Suspects in a Problematic BMW 745i Brake Pad Set

Brake pads are one of the most important components of your brake system. Unfortunately, the pads are also prone to a number of problems that can seriously affect their performance. As soon as you sense some trouble with the pads, diagnose the problem immediately. The last thing you'd want is a brake failure. Here are some common problems with a BMW 745i Brake Pad Set and their usual causes:

Weird noises

If your brake pads start giving out a high-pitch squeak that won't seem to go away, then they are almost worn out. Some brake pads are equipped with metallic shims that make a sound as they grind away on the brake rotors. The purpose of this is to warn drivers about the worn-out state of the pads, so they can have them replaced immediately. If a newly replaced set of brake pads gives out a squealing noise, you will need to break this in first. Some brake pads, especially the metallic ones, are notorious for being noisy. If you've replaced your old brake pads with these, you'll probably have to live with the noise. The last thing you'd want to hear is a grinding sound. It means that the brake pads have completely worn out, leaving the metal shims to grind away on the brake rotors. If this is the case, install a new brake pad as soon as possible.

Vibrations when stepping on the brake pedal

Vibrations are a sign that your rotors are warped. This could seriously affect the braking power of your brake pads since they need a smooth and flat surface for them to work effectively. A visual inspection of the brake rotors will let you know the state they are in. Warped rotors may need extensive repairs to have them fixed, but more often than not, the only solution is to get a new brake rotor.

Ineffective braking

Don't be worried if the brake pads you just installed don't seem to be working a hundred percent straight off the bat. Brake pads usually have to go through a breaking-in period characterized by moderate braking. In time, brake pad performance will greatly improve, but in the meantime, you have to hold your racing dreams for another day.

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  • Ensure Effective Braking with These BMW 745i Brake Pad Maintenance Tips

    Effective braking usually hinges on the condition of your brake pads. You should always keep them well maintained to guarantee their effectiveness. They will also need to be replaced occasionally, especially when they have worn down significantly. Here are some maintenance tips you need to know for your BMW 745i brake pad:

    Replace the brake pads when necessary.

    Brake pads are a maintenance item, meaning they have to be replaced every so often. This should be done as soon as the pads are almost completely worn out. Fortunately, the BMW 745i is equipped with sensors that monitor how much braking material is left on the brake pads. Once the sensors detect that a brake pad change is necessary, the appropriate warning light will illuminate on your dashboard to give you fair warning. Some brake pads are also designed to give out a squealing noise when they need to be changed. Be sure to replace the brake pads as soon as possible in either case. Too many people have missed such warning signs and have continued to drive on until the brake pads have been worn down completely. This has resulted in malfunctioning brake calipers and heavily damaged brake rotors, a much more expensive repair to undertake as compared to a simple brake pad replacement.

    Allow newly installed brake pads to break in.

    Newly installed brake pads won't work at their best right away. They'll have to go through a breaking-in period. When breaking in a new set of brake pads, the braking material is imparted to the brake rotors, allowing a much stronger grip. The breaking-in period is different for every brake pad so be sure to follow manufacturer recommendations. During this period, you will need to brake moderately at relatively low speeds. Don't even think of zooming through the highway or even racing through the track until then your brake pads are at their one hundred percent.

    Have the brake rotors serviced from time to time.

    Brake pads bite onto the brake rotors to provide the necessary stopping force to slow down your BMW. The brake pads need an even and smooth rotor surface to do the job effectively so it is important to have the brake rotors serviced when needed. Just take the rotors to a machine shop or auto shop to have them resurfaced. Warped rotors, on the other hand, may need extensive repairs or a complete replacement.