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BMW 745i Floor Mats

Helpful Tips to Fix the Common Issues of Your BMW 745i Floor Mats

Believe it or not, your BMW 745i floor mats can experience and cause problems, be they petty or life threatening. That's why knowing the common floor mat issues is very important. Read through these troubleshooting tips so you'll know what best to do should you experience these problems:


The floor mats on your car may get a little moist overtime. This may leave you wondering if someone has spilled water on them or if your car is leaking inside. You may just simply shrug this off, but keep in mind that condensation under your floor mats suggests a clogged drain tube of the air-conditioning system. If your floor mats feel moist, this means that the clogged tube is forcing water to backflow into your interior. And if left unattended, your mats can get excessively wet and may start to smell. To prevent all these, you need to go under your car and unclog the drain tube. This, along the required drying and vacuuming of the floor mats, should quickly solve the problem.

Stuck accelerator

What has a stuck accelerator got to do with floor mats, you ask? Well, your gas pedal can get immobilized once the floor mat on your car gets wedged under it. As a result, you will continue driving at increasing speeds unless you try pulling back on your accelerator while stepping on the brake pedal. That's why you should have your dealer check your car to make sure that you will be safe driving it. Also, if you buy replacement floor mats, make sure that they fit directly on your car. Otherwise, you need to trim the mats.

Broken hooks

Passengers on your car can break a floor mat hook if they accidentally step on it. Although this isn't a high-risk problem, this can get a little annoying as you need to fix the position of your mats every time they get misplaced. Although you can try to fix your hooks with super glue, you'll be better off buying replacement parts. Besides, floor mat hooks are cheap and are readily available, so you shouldn't have a hard time buying new ones.

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  • Helpful Tips to Clean Your BMW 745i Floor Mats

    You should regularly clean your BMW 745i floor mats to avoid getting them dirty and smelly. But if you're not sure how to properly clean them, here are some useful tips to make your floor mats look and smell nice:

    Cleaning tips

    Remove loose debris.

    You need to remove the floor mats from your vehicle so you can shake or sweep them to get rid of any loose debris. Make sure you do this before washing them to avoid getting any debris stuck on the surface. If this happens, it will be more difficult to clean them, especially if your floor mats are carpeted.

    Wash with soapy water.

    To effectively clean your floor mats, you have to mix mild dishwashing detergent with water and scrub them with a sturdy brush until the embedded debris come off. Make sure, however, to keep the mats soapy and wet so they will get deodorized too. And if you notice brownish water on the side of your mats, you may want to scrub more as this means your floor mats have ground-in mud. Once you're satisfied with the results, you need to rinse them well.

    Use a carpet cleaner.

    You can buy an effective carpet cleaner from any auto supply store and use it to remove deeper stains and odor. Just make sure to read the instructions at the back to avoid having problems.

    Dry them well.

    Let the floor mats dry for several hours before you place them back inside your car. Make sure that they have been completely dried; otherwise, they may create a foul smell. If you have rubber floor mats, it will be better if you wipe them first using a microfiber cloth before leaving them under the sun.

    Other maintenance reminders

    If you've just bought new rubber floor mats, you may notice the distinct, strong smell. To get rid of this, you need to place them under the sun for several hours after washing them with soap and water. Also, make sure that the area is well ventilated. You can choose to place a fan next to the mats for increased vaporization too. Keep in mind, however, that doing these won't completely eliminate the smell.