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BMW X5 Blower Motor Resistor

Common Faults of a Bad Bmw X5 Blower Motor Resistor

A blower motor resistor powers the fan that sends air inside the passenger cabin of a Bmw X5. However, the same resistor commonly experiences problems that require the part to be replaced. If you don't want to ride a Bmw that's either too hot and humid or too cool and chilly, better be sure that its motor resistor is always working. The following are some signs that can help you know if the one in your car is faulty and on its way to failure:

The blower works only on high setting.

With the system plugged and powered, an easy way to test for faulty resistors is by trying to turn on the blower on various settings. You have a bad resistor if the motor doesn't work on the low settings yet comes alive when you switch it to the highest setting possible. The reason behind this is that electricity to the blower only goes through the resistors on low and passes over it on high.

There's electricity flowing around.

Use a 12-volt test light on three main areas to help you isolate the problem to a faulty blower motor resistor. The first is the fuse for the blower motor. After the fuse, unplug and test the motor itself. A positive reading on these two parts tells you that the motor is fine and the problem is somewhere else. Thirdly, test the blower's switch on various positions so that you can check if there's a certain setting wherein there's no current.

Both compressor and climate control work.

You have a bad blower motor resistor if both the compressor and climate control work, but there's no steady stream of air coming out. The vents may feel cool, the computers may be giving you accurate readings, but the blower doesn't seem to work. This happens because the fan isn't dependent on other parts of the climate control system for it to work.

New resistors are constantly damaged and replaced.

Installing a new blower motor resistor usually takes care of the problem. However, if it always recurs and requires you to buy new ones again and again, the cause may be in a faulty electrical system that's simply abusing the fresh part. Check wires, terminals, and other components to prevent back jobs.

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  • Three Tips to Keep a Bmw X5 Blower Motor Resistor Working

    The blower motor resistor of a Bmw X5 has the task of powering the fan that sends cool or warm wind inside the passenger cabin. Without this device, you're going to have a very uncomfortable ride because of stuffy and stagnant air. Replacing the X5's problematic blower resistor isn't as expensive and tedious to do nowadays as compared to how it's done on older cars. However, it's still practical to maintain and extend the service life of the one in your car considering the significant savings you get in time and money. Here are some of the things you can do to keep your car's blower motor resistor working:

    Replace blown thermal fuse.

    The thermal fuse of a resistor plays a role in regulating the speed and power of the blower motor. This has a tendency to get blown as the car ages and its parts are abused. For newer cars such as the X5, the fuse usually gives when there's too much current going around the resistor pack. You can easily buy a replacement thermal fuse-instead of getting a new resistor-to install on the motor resistor from any store that specializes in electronics. Just make sure that the one you will get has the same temperature rating as that of the original fuse so that it performs according to specifications.

    Check the entire electrical system.

    It was mentioned above that the thermal fuse blows because of too much current. This is just a symptom that has deeper roots. It's a good idea to check the rest of the electrical system-the probable cause-to see if there are any loose connections, bad wires, and other possible sources of excess power. You'll end up repetitively replacing fuse after fuse if you fail to notice that there's already something wrong with your car's circuitry.

    Limit usage to high settings.

    You can prolong resistor life by not using it. Blower motor resistors are generally needed only when setting the blower to the low settings. When you switch the air to the maximum, the part takes a break. The power is sourced directly from the battery and passes over the resistors. It may not always be practical to do this, but there's no denying that it gets the job done.