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BMW X5 Fuel Tank Cap

Troubleshooting your BMW X5 Fuel Tank Cap Problems

Often made from plastic or metal, your BMW X5's fuel tank cap is one of the auto parts that you least expect to wear out. Its primary function is to keep the fuel from spilling from the tank to other nearby components. You may not be aware, but it is in great risk of wear and tear due to the nature of its function. You might be surprise when it suddenly gets stuck just when you are about to have your tank filled. Before that happens, here's how you can troubleshoot some fuel tank cap problems on your own:

Fuel tank cap is stuck.

You are rushing to the airport for your flight and you noticed that you're running out of gas. You pulled over to the nearest gas station to have your gas tank refilled. However, the gasoline boy tells you that the fuel tank won't budge. You even tried to do it, but it still won't. Well, this is a not-so-common situation for BMW X5 owners. This could be due to an excess vacuum in the tank that is pulling the cap or the tank may have become over-pressurized. Try using a rubber wrench the size of the cap and turn it carefully. If it won't give in on your first try, let your car sit for some hours to let the pressure decrease. The cap might also be wearing out from the inside, which makes it harder to turn.

The engine light is on.

When there is a gas leakage on your vehicle, the "check engine" light usually turns on. You can use your car's computer to determine the error code that is possibly causing the problem. Error code "P0440" means your gas cap is loose, while "P0400" indicates that a broken seal is causing the tank to leak and it needs a more urgent fix. You need to check your fuel tank assembly for any crack that could be the source for leaks. Usually, it is due to a loose cap that only needs to be tightened. But if you've already checked the tank for damage and the light keeps blinking, chances are, the cap is already worn-out and it cannot properly seal the tank.

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  • Four Easy Tips to Keep your BMW X5 Fuel Tank Cap in Good Condition

    Your BMW X5's fuel tank cap may be small, but it keeps your vehicle safe from gas leaks and spills. It is usually made of plastic or metal and is deemed to be durable enough to last your car's lifetime. However, just like any other car component, it will eventually give in to wear and tear after a couple of years. Worse, it could either get stuck on the tank or simply disappear. When this happens, your car and even your health are at risk. Here's how you can maintain your BMW X5 fuel tank cap:

    Clean the cap.

    If you haven't tried cleaning the fuel tank cap of your vehicle, you will be surprised to see how dirty it has become. Dirt and dried fuel could mix with your gas, which could result in contamination. You can use a mild cleanser and a cloth to clean the inside and the edge of the cap.

    Grease the gaskets.

    Fuel residue and other debris can accumulate in the fuel tank cap and cause it to get stuck. Prevent this from happening to you by lubricating the gaskets and the cap regularly. Since the lubricant won't stay for a long time, you should make it a habit to do it once or twice a month to ensure that the parts are always in good shape.

    Check for damage.

    Inspect your fuel tank cap and the tank as well for cracks or dents. You don't have to wait for the "check engine" light to lit up before you do this. Make it a habit to check your fuel tank cap once a month to ensure that it will not cause the gas to leak or spill to the other components.

    Replace a damaged or missing cap.

    If your vehicle's fuel tank cap looks too worn-out to do its job right, then you might want to replace it with a new one immediately. Same goes if you lost it or it just disappeared; you should purchase a replacement cap to prevent the fuel from spilling or evaporating. There is no alternative to a fuel tank cap but one that will directly fit into the filler neck based on its specifications.